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Introducing Sleepwave 2.0

April 14, 2023

The best reviewed sleep tracking app of 2023 is now even better with our newly launched 2.0 version!

At Sleepwave, we pride ourselves on doing things differently, creating innovative and unique features that help you understand your sleep and give you a better start to your day.

We created Sleepwave to have a positive impact on people’s lives and we’re committed to making the app accessible for everyone.

In version 2.0 on iOS, we’ve introduced a generous free tier and a host of new features that you’re going to love.

What you can expect in Sleepwave 2.0:

3 for FREE

Sleepwave’s new free plan allows you to access all our great features in the app three nights per week for free. Every Sunday at 3pm, your credits will renew for the coming week. There are no restrictions on what sounds you can use, what sleep data you can view or how you wake up. You’ll get the full Sleepwave experience without any purchase or commitment.

New original sounds

Our users love the sounds of Sleepwave. Version 2.0 introduces a dedicated sounds tab and 12 new tracks from world-renowned artists.

Create your own soundscape

If you love falling asleep to relaxing nature sounds, this one’s for you. With over 40 different sounds to choose from, you can now blend your own soundscape to fall asleep or wake up to.

The daily Wavescape

Experience the motion-sensing technology that powers Sleepwave with a new immersive pattern every day.

Improved tracking

With sleep tracking accuracy that rivals wearable devices, the technology has been refined for even more precise tracking.

New widgets

See last night’s sleep trends in the context of your previous nights and add widgets to your home screen so you can easily access your favourite features.

Sleepwave 2.0 is now available on iOS, with Android coming soon. The new ‘3 for FREE’ model is available on both iOS and Android.

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