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Smart Alarm & Sleep Tracker App

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Transform your mornings with Sleepwave's motion-sensing smart alarm

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Most people wake up in the morning with a standard alarm clock that sounds at a bad moment for their brain and body

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of people feel tired at least half of the week
agree waking up tired affects their mood
report snoozing their alarm regularly

March 2023 survey of 2,000 adults in the US, commissioned by Sleepwave and conducted by OnePoll.

Sleepwave is different


Our motion-sensing smart alarm clock app works in sync with your body movements

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prefer Sleepwave to their current alarm clock
reported an improved wake up experience
prefer Sleepwave's alarm sounds to their standard one

*May 2023 Sleepwave testing comprising 70 participants, conducted by BetaTesting.


How does Sleepwave's technology work?

Sleepwave's breakthrough technology transforms your phone into a contactless motion sensor, enabling accurate sleep tracking from a phone beside your bed

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Sleepwave reviews

5 stars
So much better than a regular alarm
This app has significantly improved the way I feel when I wake up. I love this app so much!!
5 stars
Genuinely game changing
At first I was sceptical but my sleep habits couldn’t get much worse so I decided to try it. This app literally changed me over night.
5 stars
Helped me wake up feeling refreshed!
Ever since I discovered Sleepwave I’ve been waking up feeling energized and ready to take on my day!

Sleepwave app features

Sleepwave smart alarm clock

A smart alarm clock app in sync with your body

Whenever we move in bed, our brain is naturally more awake. Sleepwave’s unique technology senses your movements and wakes you at a great moment.

Simply set a 15-minute window and the smart alarm clock will gently sound when you're in lighter sleep.

Sleepwave - sleep cycle phases

Understand your sleep cycle with contactless sleep tracking

Sleepwave accurately tracks your movement and breathing, enabling advanced estimation of:

• onset time
• sleep depth
• wakefulness
• breathing rate

Wavescapes - Relaxing visuals

Relaxing Wavescapes

Play with mesmerising visualisations that respond to your movement
Sleepwave dream journal illustration

Dream Journal

Keep track of your dreams and spot any patterns
Light wake up with gentle sounds

Gentle Awakening

Ease your wake up even more with soft sounds that play before your main alarm
Sleepwave's sleep music and relaxing sounds

Original Sleep Music

Fall asleep to nature sounds and wake up to a collection of unique light alarm sounds
Sleepwave - Custom sounds, rain sounds, nature sounds

Custom Sleep Sounds

Build and mix your custom selection of soothing sounds
Apple Watch alarm clock app

Apple Watch

Wake up with silent taps on your wrist with Sleepwave's Apple Watch alarm clock app

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