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Common Questions

Sleepwave alarm clock time picker
How does Sleepwave track sleep?
How does the smart alarm work?
Is the technology safe to use?
Can animals hear the tone?
Why is there no sleep score?
Where should I place my phone?
How does Sleepwave manage two people in the bed?
How does Sleepwave handle background noise?
Does Sleepwave record snoring?
What is the gentle awakening feature?
Does my phone need to be plugged in at night?
Does the app require an internet connection?
How is Sleepwave connected to SnoreLab?
Does Sleepwave's technology feature in SnoreLab?
Sleepwave light wake up

Subscription and Pricing FAQ

Sleepwave sleep cycle and phases chart
Is the app free?
What does Sleepwave Premium include?
How can I manage my subscription?

Privacy FAQ

Do you need an account to use Sleepwave?
What user data is collected?
Does Sleepwave collect audio recordings?
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